As a support service to Manufacturing, Distribution, Export and Import companies we are happy to work on one off jobs or engage in long term contracts. Our work and procedures have been approved by the likes of M&S, IKEA and Coca Cola. Some examples of our rework services are.


Unfortunately, goods you supply to your customers can have a problem. Sometimes this problem doesn’t manifest itself in time to be rectified before shipping.

When the problem occurs at your site, and you don’t want to incur the additional transport cost to get the problem to us, we can send our trouble-shooters in.

Sometimes retailers want their stock to be “own branded”.This can involve re-stickering, or over stickering. This can be a time consuming job, but our teams do it perfectly.

Containers, containers, containers!
They arrive here absolutely jam packed full of anything from bird feeders to cooking sauces and hanging baskets to taps.

it doesn't matter what the components are, you get the orders and stock sourced.....leave the rest to us!

Sounds easy, but believe us when we say it's important.

When you have packs that need assembling we have the answers.

If we are storing your products we can offer a pick and pack service.
This can either be to your specific regular instructions or on an ad hoc basis.

Often the bane of importers and manufacturers lives. Unfortunately, things can and do go wrong.

Often your products arrive with you packed in a standard way. That's because for you to get the best supply price from your supplier, you have to accept their packing styles.

We can organise POS material for holding stock (FSDU's etc)

Got some slow moving or tired stock? Then re-pack it and make up a multi-pack.

As it says really, but here are a couple of examples.