As it says really, but here are a couple of examples
Xmas trees.
A couple of years ago we took in over 25,000 Xmas trees that had been sent from China without a QC check.
The advance shipment of samples sent to the buyers head office showed a potentially awkward problem. The artificial snow that had been sprayed on to the branches of the trees had not stuck correctly, which meant that during assembly, the tree seemed to emit clouds of white powder!
A major 24/7 operation ensued allowing all 25,000 trees to be totally cleaned up (including the inner packaging), re-boxed and labelled with appropriate warning signs.
The retailer was able to fulfil his Xmas sales without further disruption.
Helicopters no not the real thing!


product mistake3.webp

A recent batch of 7,000 arrived from Asia and in transit some cogs had come adrift. This meant a full visual check (luckily the boxes had see through panels in just the right place!).The check revealed that 430 needed the cogs to be pushed back into place within the rotor system. We sourced the appropriate tools and 10 staff completed the rework in 5 hours.Yes, the customer had a bill to pay, but he also had 7,000 helicopters he could confidently sell again!