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Got some slow moving or tired stock?Then re-pack it make up a multi-pack re-wrap it as a 4 pack or a 6-pack!We can handle all of that for you as well as source the promotional leaflet or sticker to make the pack stand out from the crowd.


rework service, repack, relabelling

You can supply new packaging and instructions or we can source it for you.
The beauty of this service is that it takes the problem away from your site and ensures that only working/complete merchandise is returned to you ready for sale again.

rework service, repack, relabelling


We are happy to store short, medium or long term. There is no minimum term.
There is no minimum quantity.
Track your stock with our unique 'Storage Tracker' web based system exclusive to each customer.

staffing, rework service, repack, relabelling


When the problem occurs at your site, and you don’t want to incur the additional transport cost to get the problem to us, we can send our trouble-shooters in!

Once there, they will take the brief and immediately set to work solving the problems. There will be no need to constantly train and manage agency personnel. Especially as they tend not to turn up the following day, so your training has to start all over again!